Classic Cars
From Texas to Europe (France)
The two 1st cars brought back to France in  90, a 73 MGB  and a 78 Corvette
My 1st American dream car, a  1957 Olds 98 2dr ht back in 89,
76 Seville Cadillac dayly driver for awhile. Did a few TX /CA with that one
There's another beauty, 59 Dodge Custom Royal 2dr ht, cruisin' some where in Paris.
Bought by Oliver in New Orleans, drove straight back to Austin, 500 miles without a problem.
Didier, you could blame all this to him !  :)
He's the first one that made in to Texas.
Lolo behind with his 61 Chrysler.
Stephane, Ramon, Olivier and Jean, with "Grand Jerome" 61 Crown Imperial 2dr ht.

Mustang 64 convertable, High performance V8 289  A serie
  The 65 Mustang, that belonged to Yannick That I will          never forget !
Le 76 dodge pick up that we got to pull the Stremalinein all South owest of France. "Coucou Celian !"
A 49 plymouth 2dr