If you are a seller here in the States, or a buyer from Europe, let me be the person that makes every one at ease with the whole transaction. 

Selling your car or vintage trailer to other countries can be overwhelming. 
Sellers anywhere in the world usually will be reluctant do have a transaction with someone overseas or from an other country because of documents needed what to do or not to do etc... 
We usually are pretty worried with just a transaction in our own country so even more so for overseas deals, shipping, transactions, bank wires etc..., There are a lots of scams out there, so a lot of time people might just rather not make a transaction not wanting to deal with all that. 

As an individual, in the US or in Europe usually sellers and buyers, are not familiar on how to ship a vehicle, how to make everyone feel safe with sending money or giving bank information to a total stranger shipping it to the port then to the country etc... 

Not every one is a lawyer, plumber, doctor or an exporter. I always say that anybody can do anything (that's my philosophy), but it will take more time, you might run into more problems, red tape, and it will probably cost you more and have more worries to do it yourself! I know that, because it took me quite some time to get the whole process oiled like a good old V8 running smooth! Even now, from time to time, little problems might show up, here and there, but it gets easier and easier every time! 

That's where I come in. I've been buying vintage cars or anything on wells that looks cool, fixing it up, enjoying it, until I would find another new toy that I would want to buy, fix and enjoy! 
So that's what I did for awhile as a hobby, being born in the States and having grown up in France and been living in Austin Texas since the mid eighties I wanted to bring some of those toys once in awhile over there for the summer when visiting France family and friends enjoy them but would have to sell them before returning, to pay for my trip and spending time over there. 

Well that's what got me started in being able to help people exporting vehicles from the States, and for a lot, importing cool vintages cars or vintage trailers to Europe but mainly to France. Over there I have been dealing with people that loves everything about America, passionate people like me and you so it's been fun. Meeting sellers here that are passionate too, is always fun. We always end up talking a lot about cars, trailers, restoration and tips on how he did that how I did this etc... 

Exporting as a hobby at first for the past 25 years and now as a business ever since with experience in dealing with overseas bank transaction, shipping, and knowing the red tape involved in exporting or importing a vintage vehicle, knowing sellers in the US, buyers in Europe, having only good references on both sides, makes it easier for every one and I get to work doing what I love to do! Traveling meeting great people that usually have the same bug and I get to travel and buy vintage toys for me or people! : ) 
As a seller here in the States, you might think “How can I trust this person? I don't know him!“, Right! 
And has a buyer in Europe, same over there. 
So what I have: are all my references, I can send from both sides. Sellers in the US, buyers in Europe, here are some testimonials.

If you are interested in having an Airstream or other great vintage trailer, car or have a custom work made on one of those, don't hesitate and contact me for more information ! 

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