I was Born in the States and grew up in France with the American dream.

I came back to the States when I was 19: Rock " N " Roll, old classic cars, we where there, living it with my bro, my sisters and my best friends, all came from France back then, over 20 years ago.

I have been living in Austin Texas with a lot of coming back and forth from Texas to Paris. I can say that I love both country with a lot of different passions and I hate them also both, when it comes to politics. There is always good and bad every where, but that's another subject. 

I worked with Oliver, one of my best friend that was buying and shipping classics cars for a big classic car dealer in France ( that was about 15 years ago ), when I say work is a big word to explain what we where doing, because to go get a Ol' Cool Car in New Mexico, coming back through North west Texas and buying another Car there.. that's was the good Old' days, Gas was cheap, France where crazy about all those cars then, we were living our dream.

To live this dream in France, we could only be able to do so by bringing Classic cars from the US and selling them after awhile before returning to the States  so we could afford to drive cool cars on the hexagon.

I got to mention that so you can understand the whole thing, that I grew up In the suburbs of Paris, the one where you don't really see those kind off cars, and where you don't even think that you could drive one like that in your wildest dream. So between the dream and the reality, there was a huge ocean that needed to be crossed.

Thanks to the sell of my VW bug bought a good deal from Lolo so that he could live to America a couple of years before I could, and also the sell of my moped 103 Peugeot, my first vehicle that I used to get my "home diploma in mechanic". Also after a couple of small jobs, my airline ticket in hand, the dream was starting to rise from the abyss of my thoughts.

I'm telling you all that so you can understand the "how come and why ?' shipping vehicles to France
I'm just a individual not a big business or corporation, just trying to live his dream with playing with 'big toys', and I know that there's a lot of us out there.
It's my wife Eva and I, helping me now.

Recently, I worked in south of France, just south of Bordeaux on the coast, to escape the hard heat wave of Texas summers for awhile. I was working in a campground, renting and fixing up bicycles.
Life having taken over my dreams and had to get back to real life (but in a good setting), for a good while...  Camping meaning travel trailers, travel trailers maybe could there be a "vintage Americana silver bullet???" beauty's, and so we did bring the 1st Streamline so we could work the season in it and sale it after so we can go back to Texas and pay for our bills being gone for the summer.

                   All this, gave us the little push to get a foot back into the "American dream"

    If I can do it anybody can! What I do, is trying to help people realise there dream living up mine!


      About us!