Airstream France
Pictures of Airstream

To buy an Airstream online for someone else is not easy. I have a big responsibility to be as accurate as can be on the trailers. If the trailer is not too far I can come and look at it but in many cases it is too far so I need a lot of pictures to get the closet idea of the shape of the trailer.

I've been buying trailers for  awhile, the people in Europe and, my main concern because of all the fees to export a trailer is  the rust on the frame (because it ends up costing a fortune when it arrives in France so no rust bucket) I know the belly is there and  hides a lot of the frame. But you can still get a pretty good idea with the parts that you can see. Those are the pictures that help me make up my mind. I know there will be some rust, surface rust is fine but cancer rust is not good.  You can check some of the testimonials from sellers I bought trailers from.

Here are some examples of pictures of the parts and of the trailer in general that helps me make up my and the customer's mind.
I know this is kind of a pain to do all those pictures but this is the easiest way to be able to take a good decision on buying trailers that are thousands of dollars worth and some times thousands miles away.
So I really appreciate if you do take the time to do so! 

1st the body all around: to get a good idea of the general shape of the body. Please let me know if there is a dent.

2nd the interior: from front to back and vice versa and some of the floor, cabinets, and inside cabinets.
Inside to know if the floor is solid helps. So sometimes to take pictures of inside the side compartments to see the shape of the sub floor helps. See below for outside compartments.

3rd the frame, from where you can see it:
The tongue, by the step, the wheel well, the axle, by the rear bumper. on some others right behind the tongue for spare tire.
on the ones that have a rear compartment inside the bumper, you can see the frame.
Some time you can even stick the camera inside along the main frame looking towards the front with a flash, (see examples below). Some times on the camera there is a little flower sign it is top make close up, with the flash, it make great pictures for the under and frame shots.
4th inside the outside compartments:

To see the if there is any water damage on the floor right by the little side doors on the sides of the trailer 
I know those are older trailer, that they will have some rust, dents, scratches,  beauty marks, but I want to know to what extend and to make sure the price is right. I bought trailers that had some rust or some dents etc... I know it not easy to have something perfect unless it went through a total restoration and the price will reflect that.